SAP Business One version for SAP HANA
SAP Business One version for SAP HANA

Web Development

Web development strong business solutions, SAP business One partner

Whether its complex or small need, we have 100% project delivery success rate with a dedicated in-house team who can develop, implement and do testing for you at affordable price. Strong Business Solutions  provides you and your end users a professional, responsive, reliable, fast, trusted and as well as delightful web experience.

Our Approach

Understanding Customer challenges

We create a flow chart asking our customer the underlying challenge they face in real time to derive what exactly they expect and how they want it in their web portal.

Creating Wireframe

We create wireframe of the portal with our customer idea. The features what they expected, also giving professional touch to it. This helps them to understand how their web portal will have the header, body, footer, buttons, Image slider, content, options and filed on place.

Developing portal

Then we build solutions with latest technology considering end user expectation on mind. What do they like and dislike when it comes to web user experience. We develop web portal that can be updated along the new trends. Developing simple user and SEO friendly web portal is the reason for our success in market.

Designing UI and Integration

Adding more creativity and user-friendly UI makes their web portal stand apart from others. When it come to UI, it should be more creative as well as simple to navigate. End user should not search for what they want inside portal considering that, we create web portal with easy navigation.


Finally we deliver after testing is passed in time to our customer and collect feedback to enhance our relation ship with our clients.

Integration with ERP

Strong Business Solutions also has a vast experience in integration of web portals with ERP solutions. As one of the leading SAP Business One partners in India, we have a delivered more than 200 successful projects. 

We have developer, consultant and support team who can assist our clients end to end without any compromise and also we  have our own project management system where we provide customers exactly where they can raise ticket regarding any support or queries. Our expert team will assist with out any delay.