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SAP Business One based ERP solution for Electric Vehicle (EV) Manufactures

Electric vehicle technology is fairly a new concept in India. Since this is a new concept sourcing of good components and raw materials is one of major problems faced by the EV Manufacturers.

Good component suppliers are scarce and since this is an upcoming market, the costs of the components are high. For example the batteries are one of the key components in an EV and this could be expensive due to a simple fact that this has to hold a large amount of charge for a vehicle to run for long distances and it should be small in size to fit in the vehicle. 

Getting suppliers for other components who can supply on time with quality so that you can assemble and deliver the product on time to your customers is another challenge.  

EV is an evolving technology and there is a constant innovation happening around this technology. We are going to see every now and then barriers getting broken in terms of mileage offered for a single charge, how fast you can charge the batteries and the top speed of the vehicle.

New innovations leads to new product developments and no one would like to be left behind. We are going to be seeing newer, sleeker and faster vehicles being launched from competitors every month.  So as an EV manufacturer you should be ready to adopt with constant R&D.  

To manage all this at one go, you need intelligent ERP software that can help you grow. This ERP software will become the backbone of your company operations. It should be more user friendly for your users at the same time a bridge between you and your supplier network.

Why SAP Business One ERP software?

SAP Business One is fully integrated ERP software with Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Finance, Material Requirement Planning (MRP) and Production.

This software is flexible and can be customized to suit our requirements or extended using web and mobile interfaces or integrated with 3rd party applications to work as a single data source for your entire business.  

The SAP HANA database on which this software works can increase your transaction processing speed massively and helps you analyze huge volumes of data within seconds. The version of this software comes with the Dashboard, Cockpit and KPI reports to fulfill your needs on the reporting side.

The SAP Business One software can address most of the problems we discussed above. For example to keep track of expensive components you get access to Last Prices Report which keeps tracks of the history purchase prices of up to 100 transactions for the same components with various vendors or single vendors at any point of time.

Constant innovations means new product designs which leads new Bill of Materials (BoM), in SAP Business One you can simply duplicate an existing BoM and make the required changes to complete the new BoM. You can also attach drawings and related documents to this BoM for easy reference in future.

There are more unique features with respect to SAP Business One, you can contact us for a more detailed discussion.